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25 November 2021, 11:38:08 PST (1 month ago)
3 December 2021, 06:23:00 PST (1 month ago) by tatter


Kyendi AP for ELN1870
Bonus: MYO-ELN279, ELN2295, ELN2356, & ELN2194

Elnin are playing together a Detective Board Game to stop the big bad Daeva. The board game is called VAHL D'SARI Horror. In this game, each baddie gets triggered after a certain amount of turns have finished. There are also other events that could also trigger the boss's fight to finish the game such as the activation of a certain amount of portals to each region in Eyre. This game can very easily last days.



Reward Amount
Elecite Coins 8


Thumbnail for MYO-ELN279: Majix

MYO-ELN279: Majix

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for ELN1870: Taika

ELN1870: Taika

Reward Amount
AP (Kyendi) (Currencies) 1
Thumbnail for ELN2194: Peikko

ELN2194: Peikko

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for ELN2295: Charm

ELN2295: Charm

Reward Amount
Thumbnail for ELN2356: Clover

ELN2356: Clover

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