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Kyendi Ap for ELN1870


“Hey auntie Moriko, why are you the “Taco Cat”?” gently asked Taika.

“Well a few years back my caretaker, Lacy, you remember her?” Moriko asked Taika back.

Taika did a very aggressive but quick nod “She’s GREAT!! She always has the best stories, I love going to see her or when she visits”

Moriko nods back “Well, she gave me this taco costume to wear for Fey Hallow a few years back, and ever since then I became a taco, at heart. It also doesn’t help that I also love to eat Tacos” Laughed Moriko.

“Do you know what my favorite kind of Taco is?” she quickly glanced at Taika.

Taika's eyes brightened up “Auntie likes BEEF TACOS!!” like a good boy scout, he smiles.

“That’s right because when I put on that costume I become that delicious filler of beef, so juicy and spicy.” Moriko starts to drool, “Time to go get some tacos. Let’s go meet up with your Dad.”

They started walking along the street looking for this orange and purple Elnin. You can definitely spot him above all the other nin and even the humans walking about. At the corner of this Asian-styled restaurant, with red and orange light paper lanterns, stood sitting comfortably a giant Elnin, so massive his head nearly touched the bottom of the lanterns. Moriko always felt so petit next to him. She very shyly stands by to greet a longtime friend.

“DAD, dad, dad, dad!!!!” Excitedly ran over Taika to the massive Elnin, he called father.

With a perk, the giant Elnin pounces on his son to some kind of playful hello.             

Moriko’s face was almost as pale as a ghost. “Wow Aonghus, you have got to take it easy on those pounces, you nearly gave me a heart attack.” Sweated Moriko as she saw how quick to his feet and agile this massive elnin is.

“But this is how we always say hi, isn’t that right Taika?” as he looks under his paw the very comfortable Taika nods vigorously.

“Mom doesn’t like either though” chuckled Taika as he was shaking off the extra dust.

“Time for food right Moriko, I see you are eyeing that Asian taco stands very hard as if you are ready to pounce and attack!! Laughed Aonghus as he noticed Moriko was in trance at the Asian building with a new item in the Menu “Kyendi Asian Themed Tacos.”

Moriko blushed as her stomach did the loudest of growls, her ears lowered from embarrassment “Yes, I am ready for Tacos.”

They sat down in the restaurant, Moriko, of course, orders the Asian Tacos they come with pickled radishes, wagyu beef, green onion, and a “special sauce”. Moriko grumbles a bit “Special sauce HAH, it better be spicy that’s all I gotta say.”

Taika ordered some Berry Takoyaki and Aonghus ordered a heaping bowl of Ramen.

“I heard the Ramen was delicious in this place some mysterious new chef come into town and gave some recipes to the locals, am excited to try it.” Mentioned Aonghus as he was looking over Taika. “So, what are you thinking for Fey Hollow costume kid?”

“Well.” Very shy like mentioned Taika. “I want to be food like Auntie Moriko, but I don’t look like anything in particular.” Gently sighed Taika.

Aonghus busts up laughing, so loud he caused the restaurant to quiet down. He forgot how loud he can actually be. “Sorry, carry on” he gently gestured at other guests of the restaurant.

You can see the keepers adding flames to the lanterns since it’s getting late in the evening. And the sun is gently touching the gemmed floating islands in the distance.

“Sorry kid not all of us are created equal.” He patted the little kittom on the head.

A small bell chimed at the door as another guest walks into the restaurant. Moriko knows who that is but keeps quiet as the guest gestures a silent request from her.

The guest silently walks behind Taika and lifts him up. Aonghus sees who it is and says nothing, Taika yelps at the surprise and starts getting a very puffy 9 tails until he sees it’s Lacy! Gently caressing him to say hello within her loving arms. “Why do you look so sad little one,” she asks as she gently caresses her side cheek against his fluffy cheeks. There she was, a human walking around in this area enjoying all the Elnin as she walked by. She was a pale lady, kind of short for a human but her hair was an amazing pastel pink just tickling her shoulders. She definitely has renowned with all of Dad’s and Moriko’s friends. She is a very nice lady towards Elnin.

“I really want to be food for this Fey Hallow Costume and well my coat is not very food-friendly” pouts the little kittom as she sits with him on her lap, effectively stealing his seat.

The waitress drops off the meals they ordered. “Excuse me, may I please have some hot tea, any will do” quickly mentioned Lacy to the waitress; she nodded, and off she went to get the tea.

“I know what you can do if you want to be food for this year” smiled Lacy looking at cute little Taika getting comfy on her lap. “You can be a Moon Cake”

The confused kittom looked at her “A, a moon cake?”

“Yes, Moon cakes can come in many colors and patterns it all depends on the craftsman, as a matter of fact, I have some in my traveling bag.” She brings out a big neatly wrapped box out of her travel bag. The box was heavily decorated in floral kimono patterns and bunnies pounding a ball of something.

She opens the box and inside are 4 little cakes with grooved patterns that you can touch. Each one had different colors and themes but the filling was the same.

“See, you can totally make your costume into a cute Moon Cake and the patterns can match your colors” she glanced at Taika as his eyes became so big with joy.

“Thank you, Lacy!” Cried the kittom as he was stuffing his face with Berry Takoyaki. Aonghus looks at Taika “Alright after we finish eating let's go shopping for some tools to make your costume.”




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ELN897: Moriko

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ELN1870: Taika

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