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And now, for your daily exploration hub knowhow, it's time for....  'REGIONS N'EYRE AND FAR'

In today's show we'll be exploring  the frigidly cold yet eerily beautiful region of... Strynhalde! In particular the yearly snowman and icesculpture competition of a small village north east of Skolvigaard.

Strynhalde! An extremely cold region, known for its ice and snow that regale the countryside year round! In its warmer months, snowstorms are less fierce, and the beautifully icy caverns, glaciers and stunning mountain passes are open for all tourists to come and see. However, in it's colder months, the beautiful forests trees leaves crystallise into a beautiful display of icy crystallised blue-white against the stark blinding whiteness of the surrounding snow and mountains.

This time, we'd like to discuss a small mountain village on the north eastern outskirts of Skolvigaard, known in the local tongue as Kaldr Lundr, or grove of the shivering cold.  This small village at the foot of the mountain range that borders Ahza, is surrounded by one of Strynhalde's most beautiful forests. The white trunks and blue leaves of these local trees, are especially hardy and produce gorgeous wooden furniture, veined with the blue-white of the tree leaves. However, what truly makes this village stand out from others in the area is its annual snowmen and icesculpture competition! Every year, close to midwinter, the locals will decorate a small copse of trees with christmas lights and under the full moon spend all night building snowmen and icesculptures, as guardians of the town and a tribute of friendship to their great eldertree. Over time it has become an annual competition for both the locals and tourists alike bringing Elnin from all over the country to participate.  The winning snowmen and icesculptures are left intact to serve as the village guardian for the next year. This year's snowman is a mother Elnin taking hold of the hand of a young kittom and guiding them onwards. How quaint! And this year's winning icesculpture is what looks to be a sandcastle carved from ice! Exquisite! 

Well, that's all for today folks! So, if you're ever in Strynhalde feel free to stop by the small village of Kaldr Lundr and see this year's winning snowmen and icesculptures! Or come and browse the beautiful furniture and wooden trinkets to take home and enjoy!


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