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Ealei Ap
for ELN193


In the rocky submerged beaches.
There is a  colossal tree with gems as a crown.
Within its shadow, there are fruits it bears that could taste like peaches.
Many call this their hometown.
On the land where tree roots are submerged in ocean water.
Berries grow far above the clouds where the poofy clouds swirl.
A curious elnin jumps in and goes underwater.
To catch the magnificent fish onto a basket by hurl.
Later on, go to the market and help sell in the wonderful faire.
Where stars falling is celebrated in massive quantities.
So many come together from everywhere.
In Ealei you can find so many oddities.
Where the people hustle and bustle.
A market to buy a little gift.
sometimes there are glass sculptures of bubble.
but just getting something small with a lift.
To impress your lady friend and get her something nice.
She may even share those tacos she likes.
She will enjoy a new beef flavor, allspice.
"Perhaps a nice scarf with stripes?"
Said out loud this blue short-eared nin, with an appetite of an ant.
Thinking to himself perhaps he wouldn't like a taco.
Perhaps a nice plant?
For the sweetheart who looks like a side dish and a side of avocado.
The smell of faire food filled the air.
"Time for a snack," the nin said.
Everything greasy the eye can see but the poor nin just wanted a pear.
The smell of faire food filled the air.
Pastries, meats, candies, fiery things.
Nothing that the nin wanted to eat.
At the far side of things, he saw a familiar ring.
Someone with a tail like no other like a spring.
"GIMME TACOS" yelled a peculiar gal.
The one that Kaimana was trying to buy a gift for.
"Moriko, what are you doing up this canal?"
Moriko looked up as the tacos were coming, "I've been at the Candy Store."
Kai thought to himself, I should ask her what she would like as a gift.
Passing back and forth trying to avoid all the roots around.
Something in this rooty faire should exist.
"Oh I know, Moriko loves evening gowns."
He said out loud as she was making her way towards him.
and she said, "yes but not as much as Tacos."
Licking her face as she bites another making his face look grim.
"Dang it, you weren't supposed to hear that, how about a dress for Tacos?"
Her face lit up like the fireworks in the sky.
I know the perfect place but there will be stairs to climb.
"I heard of this gorgeous shop at the top of Yggdrasill containing dress themes that mystify."
"Just wish there was more daytime."
Up towards the sky, they went.
With skyline and clouds merging beneath the leaves.
The wonderous manaberry botanical scent.
Like a wonderful water drop under the eaves.
The clouds enveloped their ascend.
The higher they go the harder it was to breathe due to the elevation.
Kai looked over to his Lady friend.
The fireworks certainly gave him a wonderful sensation.
The loud booms,
The vibrations filled his fit body.
Although not welcome are the fumes.
The faire certainly gains wins from everybody.
Finally, at the tree-cloud city, they have arrived.
with homes embedded into the trunk of Yggdrasill.
a different sort of shop has been revived.
"What a thrill"
In a good time fort of voice Moriko mentioned, excited to get a gown.
Overjoyed Kaimana opened the door and it creek in the most horrific sound.
As they look over to the horizon and the sun goes down.
through the door, they go to enjoy the inbound.
They look around to see an old lady taking care of gorgeous dresses.
The smell of the store was certainly welcome.
At the corner, there are hooded ladies tresses.
"You know what nin I think would like this place? Melon"
Mentioned Kai to Moriko as they pass the large gowns.
Some were themed with Starfall decore.
Some were delightful for sundown.
"Look at this dress I adore."
Swirling in place Moriko grabs a dress filled with glitter and glamour.
"This is the dress I want."
As if taken over by a Spanish speaker Kai says "Amor"
As he stares at Moriko putting on a bouffant.
They hurry along to the old lady to buy the dress.
No time to waste, need to get back to the faire.
We may be overdressed.
But we do not care.


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ELN193: Kaimana

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ELN897: Moriko

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