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Quest: Resonance - Act 1
Act Type: Exploration
Word Count: 1276
Adult Elnin Present: Bazil [ELN293]
Regional Affinity: Kyendi
Claiming Regional Affinity for: Wick [ELN856]
Noble Rank Unlock Mini-Requirement: Far From Home (Hometown: Enmir)


Wick was far from home in Kyendi doing quite troublesome work under the watchful eye of his older half sibling Bazil. Wick was used to the marshes of his hometown in Enmir that he had unfortunately underestimated the jungle environment of this distant land. He didn’t understand why it was so difficult to navigate? It had water, roots, and some large trees...but if anything it should have been easier to trek through because it lacked the bogs and soft muddy soil. Never once did Wick think that the difficulties he was experiencing were particularly because he was not used to the forests. Where there wasn’t mud the forest floor was a realm of debris and activity. Every so often he would stub his toe on a rock and let out a pained squeak followed by some grumbling.

They had been walking through the forests for a short while, though Wick wasn’t too happy he had company for this excursion. Kyendi wasn’t a particularly safe place to wander too far into that it was ill advised for any foreigner, let alone a kittom like Wick, to try to navigate himself. For that precise reason Bazil was sent along to guide him today. Originally Wick had just wanted to go out to play and he agreed until the voice of his guardian, Kormir, asked Bazil to go along and teach Wick a thing or two about the forest. It was all a ruse, a trip out to do a favor for the wilds under the guise of play. Wick told himself he should have known better. After all, the night before he had heard Kormir and Bazil talking about the forest which became half of the reason Wick’s curiosity piqued and he had. What he hadn’t understood was the part where Bazil suggested tending to the forest would help Wick build character. He had heard the words build character but lacked context as the draft seemed to carry sound in odd ways at times.

Now it was the next day and Wick could hear Bazil sigh behind him as he puffed up his chest and demanded to lead the way. The older elnin let him but was watchful as Wick walked down the path. When they got to an area that looked like it could use some help Bazil slowed down and assessed the area. There were a few spots that were a little less densely covered by jungle plants and he could hear water running nearby. While he worked on clearing a less dense area for setting up a small camp for the two of them he put Wick to work gathering wood. There were some complaints from the kittom about how heavy the branches were but such things were expected. Bazil had been hoping to fool Wick into making the clean up a game but when it didn’t work he resolved to more forward methods. Pointing out how much better this area was looking as some of the sticks and underbrush had been cleared seemed to work as a better motivator.

Wick didn’t really see it though. How was he supposed to feel anything about expending all this extra effort? Maybe it was because a lot of the foliage was so large he was dwarfed by it but the forest didn’t seem like it had improved. Looking at the pile of sticks he had gathered seemed to be far more satisfying in comparison so he tried to focus on that instead. A few times he heard a giggle, likely one of a fey, and found some of his piles of sticks toppled over, much to his displeasure. When he looked back at where Bazil was setting up camp the difference was like night and day. Perhaps this was the experience of an older adventuring elnin but Wick couldn’t help but be a bit jealous. In comparison he really hadn’t done anything.

The early next morning with a cautiously opened eye he noted Bazil was still asleep and moved to get a head start on clearing the area. Maybe it was a bit of the competitive spirit in him but Kormir had sung high praises of Bazil in recent months and Wick felt like he was losing out in comparison. Moving brush and clawing up the roots of non-native species Bazil had pointed out the other day Wick made quite a bit of progress. The problem with getting up earlier though was Wick’s energy had run out quite quickly as well. Bazil had awoken a few hours later in a panic trying to find him and his calls were met with the silence of Wick’s deep slumber. When he was finally found Bazil stirred him awake after he had passed out at the base of a tree and in a firm tone scolded him. Wick’s ears went back a little more than usual, drooping slightly until Bazil realized such a scolding wasn’t necessary. He did express his worries though. The forest was dangerous and Wick should not have went off on his own while the adult elnin was sleeping.

When Bazil recovered his senses he took a good look around at the area Wick had been working on cleaning up. Much to Bazil’s surprise quite a few native species of plants were untouched. He had always thought his younger half-sibling was a bit rough around the edges and reckless but he also knew Wick and Mallow, his own kittom, spent quite a bit of time together. Mallow at first had mentioned he thought Wick wasn’t listening but Bazil could see now that Wick cared a great deal about the things his friend said. Kormir had expressed concerns that Wick was acting out and a bit too reckless but Bazil now recalled his own younger years. He was a fairly well disciplined kittom but even he had his phases and moments. Especially when he used to tousle quite a bit with his sibling Kite. Perhaps he saw a bit of himself in Wick.

Walking back to camp he had the kittom wash the dirt from their sore paws and Bazil put salve on the small yellow toe beans. Then he called Wick over to a clearing not far from camp where a cliff gave a clear few of Kyendi’s skies and jungles below. Distant islands floated peacefully in the clouds. “You know you still have to take care of yourself even if you’re working hard towards something.” He said calmly, looking at Wick’s sore paws. Wick had really pushed himself too hard this time and a bit embarrassed he nodded in agreement, too tired to complain at this point or kick up a fuss.

After that they talked for a while and Bazil discussed the benefits of helping clear out underbrush in the forest as well as knowing one's own limitations. He also praised Wick’s knowledge of plants though Wick modestly said that Mallow knew more about wildlife than him. Despite this the two of them went back and forth on what creatures they could hear stirring in the area now that it wasn’t quite so cluttered. There was still a bit of rustling and they spotted a bird or two foraging and in a way that was reward enough. Early the next day they headed back towards the town Kormir was staying in and Wick modestly reported the trip as quite boring...however later that night Kormir passed by the kittom’s room to hear him filling Mallow in on all of the neat things he saw. It seems it had been a rough trip but a fun one regardless and the forest favors were done diligently.


Reward Amount


ELN856: Wick

Reward Amount
AP (Kyendi) 1