Vahl D'sari

Created: 3 August 2020, 18:45:11 PDT
Last updated: 8 August 2020, 01:36:33 PDT



Affinity Points (AP) cannot be earned for this region. Borders to this region are closed. This region cannot be used for prompt or act backgrounds.

General Info

Racial Presence: Moro [High] | All other races are present in more or less equal amounts.

Population Density: Sparse.

Border Policies: Closed. Vahl D'sari is extremely dangerous, and the general populace is encouraged to stay away.

Notables: The land surrounding the nightmarish gate to Dusk is crawling with monsters both fey and mephitic in nature. The eldertree of Vahl D'sari is especially swarming with fey apparitions.

Major Cities

  • Nhovrasul: This city hovers at the border of Vahl D'sari and is exclusively inhabited by people associated with the Hunter's Guild. Nhovrasul is built into the skeleton of a colossal dragon, and here hunters train to kill the monstrosities that stalk the dark reaches of Eyre. While historically the Hunter's Guild has been stubbornly exclusive, there are rumors that they may need to be less selective if there is to be hope of stemming the growing number of creatures escaping the borders of Vahl D'sari.