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General Info

Racial Presence: Humans [Dominant] | Kyunru

Population Density: Middling. Most people tend to stay away from the swampy reaches of the Shaedmoor, but the large stretch of eastern wetlands referred to as the Cindermarsh is actually quite lovely. There are many small towns and villages scattered throughout Enmir, but there are no major cities established aside from the city of Salva.

Border Policies: Open. However, due to being fairly isolated, the people in Enmir can tend be a bit superstitious and distrustful of fancypants outsiders.

Notables: Enmir is full of valuable alchemic and herbal resources, and is known for developing some of Eyre's most powerful medicinal concoctions. (Also its most powerful hallucinogens, but no one talks about that). There are two major regions within Enmir: The mild and somewhat humid tracks of open marshland called the Cindermarsh, and the darker, more sinister swamps of the Shaedmoor where the rivers are choked with muck and gloom.

Major Cities

  • Salva: This town is near enough to Enmir's eldertree to take advantage of the abundance of mana, but not so close as to come near the menacing borders of the Shaedmoor. Salva has slowly become somewhat of a trade port and destination for people seeking health treatments or rare materials and herbs found only Enmir's marshy environs. Most people only pass through here, and the townsfolk are almost entirely born and raised from marshfolk.

Resources for Enmir-specific backgrounds

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Inspiration Images Folder: [link]

NOTE The inspiration images are not going to be 100% accurate since well, these regions do not exist in the real world! A lot of the images will note what specifically the image is meant to be pointing to (a specific city, or nature feature, etc) so be sure to take note of what the images are named. It is possible that features that are small or in the background of the images may not be accurate to the region since it can be hard to find a perfect image for some regions, so take each image as a glimpse and not the full picture. You will need to read the region descriptions below and combine them with the inspiration images to get a full picture of the region!



Iconic Land Features / Feature Combinations:

These characteristics are very distinctive, and can easily indicate the surrounding region. Including just one of these features / feature combinations in your piece should be enough to pinpoint your desired region.

Enmir's Eldertree

Each region has it's own distinct eldertree. These trees are colossal, stretching for miles into the air. They can usually be seen from most anywhere within a region assuming there's line of sight. Finding a way to feature the region's eldertree of your scene can help establish your intended setting pretty effectively!

The eldertree that anchors Enmir has a wide canopy full of hanging moss/glowbugs/gnarled branches.

Swamps and Marshes

2555_0TZvDYgriz.png 2806_dvi7ZEytlX.jpg 131_gZZqzDd6g5.png

Overgrown and Mossy

342_CudvhE2L7y.png 1752_zkOqgHjWrJ.jpg 2777_G63jBo48lD.png

Twisted Trees

1524_H175am1fJk.png 1525_6IkEikl80U.png 20_UIVb79MtFA.jpg

General Features:

These characteristics could potentially be harder to place if drawn by themselves. Please consider combining 2-3 of the following features together to help us quickly confirm your desired region. We've also noted where some features might have visual overlap with other regions.

Dark Forests

Be careful of overlap with: Kyendi, Faerindell, Ealei! Be sure to add swampy/marshy features like overgrowth and hanging tree moss! And bugs, lots of bugs.
1629_TsciPLUPgt.jpeg 1525_6IkEikl80U.png 1648_ZtVYTK1O20.png

Lots of Fireflies and Bugs

Be careful of overlap with: Silveil (bioluminescence)! Be sure to add swampy/marshy features like overgrowth and hanging tree moss! And bugs, lots of bugs.
1630_NhXESMy5q0.jpeg 2475_mPUN14kxdt.png

Huts and Small Villages

Be careful of overlap with: Faerindell, Kyendi, Ealei! Set your scene in a marsh or swamp!
336_jJrjRgiQnF.png 654_bl4ZKOoVIO.png

The Three Fs: Fauna, Flora and Food

These creatures and plants occur naturally only in specific regions of Eyre. There are also unique cuisines found in each region! This is optional but you can try including one or more of these in your piece to give it some extra flair.


2382_pzNdbKMXUg.png 2388_iL4aznMInH.png




Examples will be here when available.

More Great Examples!

Art Examples

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