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General Info

Racial Presence: Ieldi [Dominant] | Elnins | All other races are present in more or less equal amounts

Population Density: Very high. Ealei is probably the most populated region on Eyre.

Border Policies: Open. Come on in.

Notables: Ieldi are a friendly lot and encourage everyone to come live in Ealei where they can fuss over you like a mother hen.

Major Cities

  • Nalnalo: (Capital)
  • Skyhaven:
  • Port Pthalo:

Resources for Ealei-specific backgrounds

NOTE If your art has been featured here, and you would like it removed, please notify us and we will do so!

Inspiration Images Folder: [link]

NOTE The inspiration images are not going to be 100% accurate since well, these regions do not exist in the real world! A lot of the images will note what specifically the image is meant to be pointing to (a specific city, or nature feature, etc) so be sure to take note of what the images are named. It is possible that features that are small or in the background of the images may not be accurate to the region since it can be hard to find a perfect image for some regions, so take each image as a glimpse and not the full picture. You will need to read the region descriptions below and combine them with the inspiration images to get a full picture of the region!



Stuff to Keep in Mind

Ealei has no beaches/dirt/"land"/etc. Trees are either partially submerged in water or are growing directly from Yggdrasil's own branches (treeception). There is no grass except for on the flat-topped mountains that surround the region. These areas are plains-like and have no trees at all due to shallow soil (the grass basically grows almost directly on the rock).

Iconic Land Features / Feature Combinations:

These characteristics are very distinctive, and can easily indicate the surrounding region. Including just one of these features / feature combinations in your piece should be enough to pinpoint your desired region.

Ealei's Eldertree

Each region has it's own distinct eldertree. These trees are colossal, stretching for miles into the air. They can usually be seen from most anywhere within a region assuming there's line of sight. Finding a way to feature the region's eldertree of your scene can help establish your intended setting pretty effectively!

The eldertree that anchors Ealei is actually Yggdrasil itself.



3011_fAMyW8afyh.jpg 1645_hKhDxzvTBz.png

Tree Roots Everywhere

Tree roots all over the dang place! Roots climbing over rocks, arching over the water...

Tree Cities

118_x7wAd2oswd.jpg 3117_YW7kEeKBSt.png 887_mgWRQ45JrQ.png

Wharf Cities

A wharf city is a city located over the water on docks!

Be careful of overlap with: Enmir (Huts and Small Villages)!
1644_eSFJA7FZml.png 1738_4gfsJ9L3Pk.jpg

General Features:

These characteristics could potentially be harder to place if drawn by themselves. Please consider combining 2-3 of the following features together to help us quickly confirm your desired region. We've also noted where some features might have visual overlap with other regions.

Big Poofy Clouds

Be careful of overlap with: Kyendi!
1281_RfB7MKw9qm.png 2537_55Vj0jqJZL.png 923_A43oz2UBDL.png

Deep, Clear Ocean Waters

Be careful of overlap with: Palu'au Islands (beaches)! Ealei doesn't have sandy shores but rocky ones instead!

Rocks in the Ocean

Be careful of overlap with: Palu'au Islands (beaches)! Ealei doesn't have sandy shores but rocky ones instead!
1306_vEdENEO5N8.png 338_JDdIGKgEoU.jpg 1286_20dM92Iqnn.png

Coral Reefs

Be careful of overlap with: Palu'au Islands! Be sure to add in some mangroves or tree roots!

The Three Fs: Fauna, Flora and Food

These creatures and plants occur naturally only in specific regions of Eyre. There are also unique cuisines found in each region! This is optional but you can try including one or more of these in your piece to give it some extra flair.




The most well known flora in Ealei would be the manaberry. They're teal blue berries and they grow from the eldertree in Ealei. Manaberries are only grown in Ealei, and are a surefire way to make a piece feel more like Ealei!
2753_vNXlq1LaVd.png 1254_K9wrmwrUja.jpg



More Great Examples!

Art Examples

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