Guest Artist Applications

Created: 14 July 2020, 07:08:38 PDT
Last updated: 1 July 2021, 12:44:27 PDT



As of May 2020, all future guest artist applications are now being accepted through a Google form! If you have submitted an application in the past via modberry note and are content with that application you do not need to submit it again. You need only submit a new application via this form if you want to apply or wish to make an edit to a previous submission that was done via note.

All past submissions submitted via a modberry note have been sorted properly and tucked away in preparation for this process update. They will be reviewed in addition to new form submissions the next time we need to seek out guest artists for an event!


If you're looking to guest for us then this is the place to be! Currently most of our guesting opportunities are through structured events. In the future we hope to be able to run more regularly scheduled sales beyond our usual yearly events. Feel free to apply at any time, and if you have any struggles with tighter timelines then please do let us know if you would prefer a potential future sale outside of a structured event. There will still be deadlines but we may have more flexibility to accommodate!

Read on below to learn a bit more general info about our process, and how to apply! If you have any questions not outlined in the "General Guest Artist Info" section below then please note the Berry-Bazaar group on deviantart (not modberry)! Modberry notes are currently responded to as regularly, while this may change in the future you'll see faster responses on guest artist info from notes to the group as all mods have access to group notes.

How to Apply to be a Guest Artist

[Form to Apply]:

Apply Using this Google Form!

  • The guest artist application form is always open unless specifically stated otherwise.
[Important Notes]:
  • Due to the potential time sink, we will likely not be replying to each individual form submission. But please be assured that we are keeping all applications tracked and stored for all future guest events. As events and spots open up, we will reach out to artists with invitations and any relevant event information, either via a note from modberry or a DM through Discord.
  • If at any point you would like to have your application removed from our records, simply note the Berry-Bazaar group to have it deleted and we will remove your form submission.
  • Applications can be edited at any time via clicking the form submission link above using the google account you originally submitted it from!
  • If we receive duplicate applications from the same artist via the google form we will directly contact that artist via a note from modberry to confirm which submission is the correct one and the duplicate will be deleted.

General Guest Artist Information

[Species Creator Cut]:
  • Manaberry's cut is typically 20% for all sale types: auctions, flatsales, or flaffles.
  • Manaberry's cut should be sent within 24 hours of the sale's completion unless discussed or presented otherwise in artist guidelines for a given event's invitation.
  • Paypal is required to send Manaberry her cut, as she primarily uses invoicing or a link as needed.
  • For payment plans, if there is anything that would prevent paying her the cut in full after the sale expect to have to let a moderator or Manaberry herself know as soon as possible so we can help!
  • Artists establish their own prices and Sales Plans types in advance.
  • We will generally supply a range of what guest designs have sold for in the past for a given event to give artists a starting point to consider if they're unsure on pricing.
  • If you choose to price lower or higher than that range and your design does not sell after a given period of time then Manaberry may approach you to ask if you would like to adjust your price.
  • Pricing relative to kittoms is typically no higher than Manaberry's own pricing.
  • For all guest sales, there is typically a deadline to commit to participating in an event or guest sale opportunity.
    • Invites for events are usually sent at least a month in advance of the event date, however, 2 months is preferred.
    • We typically give artists at least a week to respond to an invite to guest for the group.
    • If there is a more rushed timeline this may vary and we will specifically state if we need to know sooner (usually 24-48 hours is still given to account for time zones).
  • For events, deadlines are usually outlined in the Event's Specific Guidelines.
  • For future one-off guests, there will still be deadlines, however, they will likely be presented in the initial invitation and flexibility to adjust those deadlines will vary more if discussed in advance/upfront.
    • We will likely present deadline expectations that are typical for us or contingent on other surrounding events to avoid splitting our attention too much and leaving any Guest Artists feeling at odds with response times.
  • Alongside the invite commitment deadline we usually expect an artist to indicate:
    • Sale date preferences, if the sale is part of a longer ongoing event. For larger events we usually have dates pre-arranged and request that date preferences are submitted at this time so we can outline a schedule.
    • A sale type preference (auction, flatsale, or flaffle). Sale type preferences are taken into consideration more-so in the grand scheme of a larger event. Sale date preferences take priority (since artists should be available to respond to inquiries if they accept payment plans) but if we have both sale date and sale type preferences we can try to not stack similar sale types too close together.
  • For adult sales, there are specific deadlines for:
    • Sketches and Stats
    • Completed Designs with Graphics and Pricing
  • For kittom sales, there are generally deadlines for completed litters to make it into a specific flaffle.
    • Despite not having specific deadlines sketches and flats are recommended for prior approval to avoid substantial editing!
[Event Specific Guidelines]:
  • At times certain events or types of sales may deviate from the general info above.
  • Specific guidelines will always be outlined upfront in a "General Artist Guidelines" document alongside any invitation being sent. They will either reiterate the above information exactly or include different details so please read those guidelines closely prior to accepting any sent invitation.
  • Communication is important to providing a successful and pleasant guesting experience! If you guest with this group expect that you will have to work with potentially a variety of moderators and Manaberry herself.
    • If there are concerns about receiving feedback from a specific moderator feel free to include:
      • "I have concerns about working with a moderator." in the "Any other extra notes you would like us to know:" section of the application form.
    • Do not list names there as these form submissions will be visible to all moderators. If there is a concern but we still would love to see someone guest we will direct that information to Manaberry and she can reach out to determine appropriate possible accommodations. Please note if you end up getting feedback from specific moderators this could greatly delay responses/feedback relative to deadlines especially if there are time zone differences and only specific mods can work with you!
    • All moderators are expected to be civil with guest artists. If a moderator has discomfort with working with a certain guest artist their wishes will similarly be respected and they will not be expected to respond to that guest artist. That said we would ask the moderator not to engage in any conversation with guest artists they have voiced having discomfort with for consistency and leave responses to other moderators.
  • Most of our communication for guesting is done through channels via our group's discord! We do not require users to have discord to guest for this group, as we can accommodate reaching out to potential guests via modberry note!
  • Regardless of the method of communication if you commit to guesting for an event please make sure you check your notes or discord, whichever you listed as your contact preference respectively.
  • Discord channels are public to other guest artists, if you desire private WIP feedback throughout the approval process, such feedback will be done through modberry!
[Our Process]:
  • Guesting opportunities in recent years have grown increasingly more structured. There are a lot of aspects taken care of in the background by moderators to keep Manaberry available for the tougher questions! She remains the deciding factor in much of the work done in the group so often those are the areas moderators will look to her for input.
  • When we start planning for an event moderators pull all applications into a space where we can organize, note details, comment, sort, and mark them better to account for all the facets of an application.
  • Considerations and variables we factor in throughout this process include:
    • Communication / How the application is presented to us.
      • Does it include specifics that would influence our interactions with a user?
    • Art Quality
      • This has to meet any standards Manaberry may have for official sales from the group. Moderators are free to weigh in on Guest Artists they feel meet this requirement but as art is subjective our suggestions do not always align with Mana's standards/expectations.
    • Group Familiarity / Participation
      • An artist does not have to be familiar with the group to succeed as a guest artist for it, however, there may be advantages both to themselves and the team's workflow for an event if they are familiar with how the group's design stats and mechanics work on a fundamental level.
      • If you have concerns that you are not familiar with the group's stats and mechanics for designs you may want to include this on your submission, as well as information on how much time and assistance you think would help. We aim to keep guesting a successful and positive experience and are happy to help.
    • Artist Preferences 
      • The details you have provided us on what sort of sales you like to do so we can make sure to try to align your guesting experience with opportunities that are a better fit if possible.
    • Past Guesting Experience & Timelines
      • This relates more to the event side of things! We do factor in past guesting experience when deciding opportunities for guesting. By having returning guest artists with experience as a portion of the artists for an event we can provide opportunities and more help to newer users or guest artists who haven't tried certain events. This also helps us avoid straining our internal teams during an event as well.
    • Event Size
      • Inevitably we do have to consider event size. To keep events running smoothly we do have to limit how many artists we work with during an event in addition to the spread of experience of those artists.
      • For transparency we have many guest applications come in and we work through sorting and updating all of them periodically as needed. Applying to guest is not a guarantee but please know we do take care to make sure to go over each and every one even if we do not respond to form submissions.