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Created: 4 September 2020, 17:26:30 PDT
Last updated: 1 September 2023, 16:19:58 PDT

We have an abundance of places users can get help but we understand that can also make it a bit confusing at times. Given that knowledge, we've provided this resource to help the community better understand where to find help on certain aspects of the group! We may adjust this resource from time to time as we improve our methods of communication!

There are currently only 8 staff ranks:

  • Admin
    • A rank for the site administrative account. This account is accessed only by 1-2 staff members. For the most part you shouldn't see any movement/actions taken by this account visibly. Yggdrasil is currently the representative account for sanctuary elnin.
  • Elderberry
    • A rank representing the site owner. Generally in charge of final decisions on facets of the group when needed.
  • Architect
    • Staff members with the Architect rank generally assist with configuration or website problems on top of their normal Moderator or Archivist work. They often help with more administrative work such as drafting systems and work flows, as well as attending to internal staff needs and external group needs. Unlike the Admin rank there are specific people behind these accounts.
  • Guider
    • Staff members with the Guider rank generally assist with configuration, guides and general website information on top of their normal Moderator or Archivist work.
  • Archivist
    • Staff members with the Archivist rank generally assist with masterlist work on top of their normal Moderator work.
  • Moderator
    • Staff members with the Moderator rank vary a lot in the work they do. If a moderator does not know how to help with a specific question, task, or problem they will always communicate internally with other staff to make sure questions get to the right individual(s).
  • Design Approvals Mod
    • Staff members with the Design Approvals Mod rank work primarily in dealing with our design and MYO queue.
  • Prompts Mod
    • Staff members with the Prompts Mod rank work primarily in dealing with our prompts and quests queue.


Do not reach out directly via note or direct message (DM) to any group staff without an explicit request to do so by a staff member. Architect/Archivist/Moderator rank staff are not allowed to officially answer any questions outside of official group accounts and spaces. For more info on what these places are and where you would go for certain types of correspondences, see below!

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Official Accounts & Spaces

Here is a list of our official accounts and spaces we moderate and a little bit about what areas we cover!

  • Berry-Bazaar (Our Group on DeviantArt!)
    • Gallery
      • Public art sharing spaces for canon eyre art. Prompts are no longer reviewed in this space but we do expect shared art to be canon or they will be subject to removal. (Unofficial growths / rank ups / edits need to be very clearly marked very unofficial / unapproved if submitted to the DeviantArt group gallery.)
      • Trade Journals. Are expected to be purely for trades / resales / commissions / advertisements relating to Berry Bazaar/World of Eyre species.
    • Notes
      • General group questions for users that prefer to ask privately.
  • Berry-Bazaar Discord
    • Public questions and much more.
  • Manaberry
    • Official Sales by Manaberry herself!
  • Modberry
    • Guest Sales for One-offs / Events
    • Patreon sale related notes
  • Manaseed
    • Masterlist corrections. (Typos, pricing, stats, etc. corrections to masterlist entries on the World of Eyre website)
    • Masterlist specific questions. (Like how to get your old masterlist art added so it can be automatically reframed on the World of Eyre site.)
  • World of Eyre Site (You're here!)
    • Official Prompt submissions
    • Design Updates ( Growths / Rank Ups / Edits / Art Updates )
    • Banks (Currencies) / Items
    • Support Tickets
      • You must be logged in to submit a support ticket if not using dA group/account alternatives.

To keep things organized we try to direct questions to the places they're most likely to reach the right moderators.

General Group Questions

We will answer almost any type of group related question (Prompt, Lore, Patreon, etc.) , however if there is a better place to send a question we may direct you to reach out to a different account or spot in the group. At times this is a better option because it allows us to follow up with more discussion if the question is more involved than a single answer.

  • Public: Our #questions channel on discord.
  • Private: Our Berry-Bazaar group notes.
  • Private: Our internal site Support Tickets (in the "Community" or "Prompts & Quests" Ticket Category depending on the question.)

Patreon Questions

The Patreon Helpdesk journal covers what moderators can help with relative to Patreon questions. We highly recommend using the helpdesk for patreon inquiries, however if you are not comfortable working through a moderator you may contact Manaberry directly.

Masterlist Questions

If you have questions about the masterlist on the site you can reach out to manaseed via note to bring it to our attention. We may follow up with clarifying questions to try to help. If incorrect stats are reported we will be cross-checking sales and breeding rolls. We do not make masterlist stat corrections based on art alone.

  • Private: Manaseed Notes
  • Private: Our internal site Support Tickets (Masterlist & Ownership Ticket Category)

If you have a masterlist entry on site that is still missing the original transparent image that allows you to reframe your art please provide the full sized image in a note to Manaseed and we will get that fixed up for you!

Growth / Rank up / Edit Questions

  • If your question is specific to what category an edit would fall under, we ask that you just make your best guess and submit it alongside your design update submission. When we review your design update request if we think the edits would fall under a different category we will let you know and send it back to you.
    • Rest assured if the price would be lower or higher it will be sent back for you to make your own decision on how you want to proceed with the design update, and you will absolutely not be obligated to pay if the edit ends up costing more than you expected.

  • If your question is specific to a certain elnin, such as "are these ears big enough to be considered oversized", and you have not yet submitted a design update, please make your best guess and submit it as a design update with a more complete WIP of the overall growth/rank up/edit when you're ready to grow/rank up/edit your elnin.
    • We're hoping that by keeping elnin specific questions bundled alongside their submission we can make sure our priorities are right. That way we aren't splitting our attention between submissions that are ready to be paid for, and those that are just maybe/what if sort of questions.
    • We used to be able to verify if an elnin had a growth slot via their masterlist entry. That verification is now done through the website's design updates queue by checking if currencies are attached.
    • If you already have a design update submission in progress and we've asked for an edit that you're just checking in on for potentially faster feedback, feel free to submit your edit to the #design_feedback channel and use the following form. (Note the design update submission must not be in a drafted state for us to view it so be sure it is fully submitted.)

    • Design Feedback Form
      • What can we help you with? Elnin-Specific Question
      • Question:
      • Link to design update submission:
      • Link to elnin masterlist entry on site:

  • If you have a general question on if something would be allowed/how a certain combination of traits can look or be depicted, please submit it publically to the #design_feedback channel or privately to our internal site Support Tickets (Design Updates Ticket Category) and use the following form.

    • General Trait / Mutation Question Form
      • What can we help you with? General Trait / Mutation Question
      • Question:
      • Visual Example: (If applicable. If you have a visual of what you're trying to clarify please include it. We may ask for one if words alone are not enough.)

 All of the above form fields are required. We may ping you to request that you edit your form just to make sure questions and feedback forms are clear. If your feedback form is missing a link to your design update submission because you have not submitted one, we will ask you to submit one and wait for a first response. We are likely to have many submissions and this will help us figure out which ones have higher or lower priority. That way we can stay organized and work through our queue as quickly as possible.


We understand that there may be some bugs on the site at times. To report such bugs please fill out the form below and either post it in the #website_bugs channel on our discord or submit it privately via note to the Berry-Bazaar Group notes or our internal site Support Tickets (Website Ticket Category).

  • What the bug is: ( Describe what the bug is that you found. Ie. Image disappeared on save, etc.)
  • What produced the bug: ( Please describe in detail what steps you were doing prior to the bug occurring. This will help us try to recreate it! If you have screenshots that would help please link them in <> on discord to keep this thread less image heavy. Thank you!)
  • Browser and Device: (This will be something like "Firefox on Windows PC", "Chrome on Android", or "Safari on iPhone")
  • Other: (Anything else you think might be relevant to your Bug. If it is a link or image submitted through discord please surround it with <>!)

We ask you to only post in this channel if you're using the form or if you have something that directly follows up with a question asked. Please keep any thank yous, side commentary, etc. to the #elderberry_lounge chat. Side commentary, thank yous, etc. will be deleted from the #bug_reports channel  just to keep the channel cleaner and bugs easier to keep track of.

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Website Questions & Feedback

Website Questions

General website questions can be asked either publicly in the #questions channel in our group discord, or privately by sending a note to the Berry-Bazaar Group or submitting a ticket to our internal site Support Tickets (Website Ticket Category).

Website Feedback

The website feedback form is a google form created specifically for users who are having difficulty with features currently existing on our website and want to help suggest ways we could improve wording/clarity/functionality/etc. This is not a form for big suggestions / new features / heavy changes to how our group is run. Systems changes would mean having to close systems we just got open to rework and rebalance them. We would like to try to improve upon those systems as they are whether through small wording tweaks or additional notices, explanations, or clarifications.

We will not be responding to website feedback specifically, but most likely review feedback periodically and use it to inform some general changes/updates over time if deemed appropriate. Periodically we will be announcing changes/updates in the form of news posts. We will not necessarily be changing everything based on feedback given if we have reason to believe there are reasons to keep the site as is.

[Submit Website Feedback to our form]


If you are having difficulty with how a part of the site is set up please see the website feedback form above. If you have a suggestion or concern regarding the site, community, ARPG, etc. then please use the #suggestions channel in discord. (Remember to check the #suggestions channel pins.)

Alternatively you can use the Private Suggestions Form here if you do not wish to submit suggestions publicly.

We will definitely read the suggestions submitted via public suggestions channel and private suggestions form but we will not respond to suggestions unless there's a need for clarification or we are pursuing a specific suggestion. This is not to be assumed that we won't consider them, but replying to hypotheticals can take up a lot of resources we could better spend implementing features for the group. We do want everyone to feel like their voice is heard so please feel free to use the channel and form freely.

As the nature of both channel and form are for suggestions you'd like to see, please keep the conversations and feedback constructive. Different ideas and views are welcome, please just be respectful of everyone. If we observe conversations slipping into feedback that is not constructive or aggressive towards other users or staff we will be forced to re-evaluate how we handle suggestions for the group.