Trine (Legacy)

Trine (Legacy)

Species: Elnin
Category: Tail Style

This is a legacy tail style that is no longer obtainable. It cannot pass through breedings.

Trait Examples
trine-legacy-tail-1.jpg0 MP Trine (Legacy)
trine-legacy-tail-2.jpg1 MP Trine (Legacy)
trine-legacy-tail-3.jpg1 MP Trine (Legacy)


  • A triad of Bramble (Legacy) style tails!


  • Retired in favor of the Trine Tail mutation.


Kittoms with this tail style at the time of growth can have their tail style swapped to the Meadow tail style with the Trine Tail mutation at no cost. If you wish to keep the legacy mutation, then you would not acquire the tail mutation.

This option is for only kittoms that are growing. The Trine (Legacy) tail style would change from a 4 MP tail to the Meadow 1 MP tail style so growth stats will reflect that change! This change would be permanent and cannot be undone.

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