[RQ-E-3] Pilgrimage

Category: Resonance Quest

[?] [Act Category: Exploration] [Rank: Noble] [Eligible: Adult | Kittom] — Show details for more info.


[? This is an Advanced Act]

Journey to a sacred site. Depict your elnin traveling to a remote location, someplace far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. A place where wild magic is thick in the air, where your elnin can feel their connection to the universe. These locations could take the form of ancient spirit shrines or other ruins hidden in the deep forest. It could be a place with high elemental influences such as a secluded mountain waterfall or a lonely oasis.

This is a background heavy quest, where the goal is to have your elnin travel to a remote location and find a place to center themselves and meditate. The point is to find a place that feels significant to your elnin and show them getting lost in meditation as they harmonize with their environment.

Additional Information

This is an Act. For details on what Acts are and what they're used for then please visit the Questing Guide.

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