[MR-001] Regional Scenery

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[Monthly Regular Prompt] Draw or write about one of Eyre's many regions! — Show details for more info.


The Regional Affinity information has its own broader resource here: [Regional Affinity Guide]! Please make sure you include the correct info for verifying your prompt qualifies for AP. Thank you!

General Prompt Entry Rules and Guidelines

Please be sure you're familiar with our basic rules before continuing!
Monthly Regular prompts like this one will have slightly different "Quick Rules" so please read below to familiarize yourself with them!



This monthly regular prompt's "Quick Rules":

  • Entry Window: The 1st of the month until the last day of the month at 11:59pm PST (Timezone Reference Here).
    • Keep in mind month end dates will vary. We will be granting AP for this prompt based on the timestamp your prompt was submitted by, not when it was approved.
  • To Enter: Use the "Submit" button for this prompt!
  • Completion Reward:
    • [1AP] max per submission per month
      • AP must be granted to an elnin you own, so make sure you have an elnin in mind that you're earning this AP for specifically. AP is a character based currency and therefore must be granted to a character.
  • Qualifying for AP:
    • Either:
      • Draw a standalone background of the Eyre region you would like to earn AP for.
      • Write 300 words (or more) about a region you would like to earn AP for. Describe in your own words either what aspects this region is known for with imagery or why your elnin would like to visit this region. Be sure to include iconic features of the region or many of the region's general features to make it clear what region they're in.
    • AP is a character based currency meaning you will need to own an elnin to claim currency for this prompt.
    • Information on Regional Affinity and Eyre Regions can be found in the resource here: [Regional Affinity Guide]
    • If you're unsure what to write or draw about about consider:
      • What kinds of activities can you do in the region?
      • What characteristics of the landscape draw elnin to this region?
      • What parts of the region might travelers need to look out for or find unpleasant?
    • You do not need to include your elnin visually or writing wise for this prompt but make sure they are not a focal point. Your elnin should not take up more than 25% of the canvas in Regional Scenery submissions. You're welcome to write a description from the point of view of the elnin you’re earning the AP for or include them if you want, but you’re not required to. Just be sure if you include the elnin you're earning AP for that the focus is the regional imagery description and not dialogue. This just means if you include your elnin we won't mind if it's just a speck on a cliffside in a region like Kyendi but we would ask the elnin not be very large that it becomes the piece's focal point rather than the region.
    • In order verify that your piece qualifies for an Affinity Point (AP), please add the following information to your submission's comment text:
      • Regional Affinity: [ Eyre Region name (e.g. Ahza, Bellmoril, Ealei, Enmir, Faerindell, Kyendi, Palu'au Islands, Silveil, Strynhalde, Zevija ) ]
      • Elnin: [ Link to masterlist entry or their ELN# from the masterlist ]
  • Maximum Entries: [1] per month
  • Other:
    • Props/elnin present will not award EC for this prompt if you decide to include them.
    • Please only submit newly created art. Please do not submit commissioned works or previously-created art or art done on reused bases.
    • As always, non-owners are more than welcome to enter!
    • Shading is no longer being required for prompts but flat colors are still required. Shading is now optional.
    • Collab pieces are not allowed for prompt submissions.
As usual, please feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear. Have fun!!


- FAQs -

Q: Are elnin mandatory in Regional Scenery pieces?
A:  No! In fact Regional Scenery pieces we would like to focus on the scenery or settings where elnin are not a focal point. Market scenery, etc. populated with elnin are welcome but no elnin should be a focal point or take up more than 25% of the entire scene.


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