[LG-027] Tranquil Memories

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Original Duration: November 1, 2019 (12:00pm PST) - November 30, 2019 (11:59pm PST)

AP Eligible: Yes — 1AP

Maximum Entries: 1

Prompt Description: #27 With the nights getting longer and the miasma settling in for the season, what does your elnin do indoors to keep themselves entertained?

Everyone does something different. Perhaps they stay with family members to recall past adventures or celebrate the life of somenin they once knew at their town temple? This time of the year some elnin are not even able to leave their homes. It's time to get those cozy nin-tatoes ready for the lounge chairs with some snacks or perhaps they like to cozy up by the fire with their favorite plush toy? Play with a friend to build forts and play castle! For all one knows they like to relax with a nice large pile of books to read.

Bring the outdoors indoors by including a window and showing how each home is subtly influenced by the region your elnin resides in across Eyre. Do the Cherry Blossoms in Faerindell make it indoors to your dinner table? Perhaps a marsh moss collection from Enmir decorates your window sill? Do they bring a snownin into their home in Strynhalde only to have it melt in front of the fireplace? Some elnin might like to build their own Palu'au Beach scene indoors but with a roof, four walls, a door, and windows to keep them safe!


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