Prompt Categories

Monthly Prompt

A category for prompts that can only be done within the current month, after which they retire.

Resonance Quest

The category for Acts that make up the Resonance Quest. To find out more about questing see our Questing Guide.

Legacy Prompts

Prompts that predate the World of Eyre website. (This is currently under construction. Please do not inquire about this category. When we will get to addressing this aspect is still to be determined!) owob

Rank Unlock Requirements

A category for standalone Rank Unlock Requirements. You would only submit to prompts under this category if you are growing or ranking up your elnin and these rank unlock requirements were not fulfilled elsewhere (if they were a mini-requirement). Please see the Unlock Requirements section on the Kittom Edits & Growths page or Elnin Edits & Rank Ups page.

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