Winglets (fae)

Winglets (fae)

Species: Elnin (Faenin subtype)
Rarity: Rare
Region: N/A
Is Hereditary?: No

Winglets are small, non-flight related wing-like adornments that can appear on the arms, legs, around the eyes, or at the base of the tail. The fae variant of this trait matches the fae wing type and as such are usually insect or butterflyesque in appearance.

Trait Examples
winglets-fae.jpgEye Winglets
winglets-fae-2.jpgLeg Winglets
winglets-fae-3.jpgLarge Tail Winglets with Fae Tail


  • Attachment points for winglets are on the eyes, legs, and rump (where the tail attaches)
    • You do not need to place winglets in every location, they are optional!
  • The main body of the winglets should be about the same as the size of the eye or smaller
    • Fine streamers and trailers can be longer
    • If your elnin has a fae tail type, the winglets where the tail attach can be quite large
    • All the winglets do not have to be the same size, you can make them smaller or larger as you prefer
  • The style of the winglets has a lot of flexibility, as long as it is based off an insect. Get creative!
    • You can have small beetle-like shell coverings on the winglets, except on the eyes

Breeding and Heredity:

  • Inheritable only directly from faenin subtype elnins (must explicitly list "faenin" as a subtype on their masterlist entry). Normal elnins with fae winglets (ie, elnins that had at least one pure faenin parent but are not classed as faenin themselves) will not pass on any type of winglets to their children since there is no "standard" version of this trait.
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