Infused Teeth/Claws

Infused Teeth/Claws

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Uncommon
Region: Ahza
Is Hereditary?: Yes

While all elnin naturally have pointed teeth/claws (just like a cat would) they are rather small. Infused teeth/claws have an active state that allows them to appear much larger than standard elnin teeth/claws, match the elnin's anima color, or both!

Mini Guide

Claw Details

  • For masterlist art, if there is no visible change in an elnin's teeth to show this mutation is present then it would show in the claws on the art. These claws would be prominent and visible in some way, regardless of whether they are the standard white color or anima colored.
  • Elnin claws are retractable when this mutation is in an inactive state.

Teeth Details

  • The top teeth can be elongated, the bottom teeth can be elongated, or both!
  • If you do not have prominent teeth, but wish to draw your elnin's teeth for the sake of expression or attitude, be sure that the rest of the teeth can also be seen. Standard elnin canines are not much longer than the rest of their teeth, and so they could not be seen without seeing the rest of the teeth.
  • Single fangs showing out of an open mouth or closed mouth are reserved for this mutation.
  • You may feel free to stylize your teeth like an anime fang expression. 
Prominent Canines Notes


This mutation can be depicted in a few ways:

  • Teeth/claws that are anima colored.
  • Teeth that are visibly larger. Prominent enough to stick out of the mouth visibly when it's closed but not tusk-like, as you would see on an elephant.
  • Claws that are visibly larger than standard claws, but no longer than the overall paw size itself.
    • Standard elnin claws are tiny and usually retracted.
  • Any combination of the three aspects above... for example:
    • Larger claws and teeth that are anima colored.
    • Claws that are larger but not anima colored.
    • Teeth that are larger but not anima colored.
    • Normal-sized teeth and claws that are anima colored.
  • Claws can be visible on anywhere from one (1) paw to all four (4) paws. Feel free to show all four, just the back or front paws, or even just one paw for some flair!


We require that mutations be visibly shown on masterlist art. Due to this trait having an active and inactive state though, for prompts and acts you're welcome to mask this trait and have your elnin's claws appear to be a normal size and color!

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