Hallowed gaze

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Exotic
Region: Kyendi
Is Hereditary?: Yes

This mutation comes in two states. "Inactive" state appears as normal white sclera with a faded iris and no visible affect to horns (horn color is not faded and retains vibrancy). "Active" state will also shroud the iris, turning the entire eye a solid brilliant white. Horn appearance may (optionally) be affected while mutation is in its "active" state, turning fully white and giving off a steady glow.

Trait Mockups
hallowed-gaze-inactive.jpg Inactive Hallowed Gaze
hallowed-gaze-active.jpg Active Hallowed Gaze
Mini Guides
Hallowed Gaze NotesInactive and Active States Compared to Standard Anima


  • For design approvals, please provide the inactive state for masterlist art and approval. This is needed to see the elnin's anima color. If you want to show the active state on the masterlist art you can provide both and do a quick follow-up design update to get the active state art after the inactive state art is approved (similar to outfit approvals).
  • Be sure to put the white fade over the entire in for the inactive state - including the iris, the iris' lineart, the sclera, and all shadows.
  • If your elnin has colored sclera, the white fade must still go over the colored sclera and the colored sclera will appear faded.
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