Chimeric Anima

Chimeric Anima

Species: Elnin
Type: Mutation
Rarity: Rare
Region: Zevija
Is Hereditary?: Yes

When an elnin's anima presents two core colors in a particular configuration: Horns show one color, while eyes show secondary color. Skeleton color is usually divided with the horn color on the top half, and the eye color on the bottom.


  • What can affect Chimeric Anima?
    • YES: Prismatic Anima, Starlit Anima, Emberglow Anima, Decora Anima, Grafted Anima, and Patterned Anima.
    • NO: Kaleidoscopic Anima, Odd-eyed, Heterochromia, Dual-toned Anima, and anything else not listed under YES.
  • If any mutations are not listed here then we have no definitive answer for it. Please check with us first before going forward if the mutation is not on the list.


  • This is considered an unbalanced alignment, implying that one aspect of an elnin's energy is more dominant than the other. There are arguments that suggest the eye color is dominant because the more potent energy is "heavier" and settles below, while others argue the horn color is truly dominant because it is actively suppressing its counterpart.
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