Elnin Crown Guide

Created: 12 July 2020, 07:26:16 PDT
Last updated: 15 February 2023, 23:19:32 PST
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Crowns are considered an additional horn decoration. Unlike horn glamours, they cannot be changed. Crowns can be displayed with horn glamours, without horn glamours, or hidden entirely.

  • Common crown pitfalls include:
    • Crowns being too large. (See the reference below!)
    • Classic Fractals must match the elnin's anima color.
    • Trinkets being too complex. [Trinket Details]
    • Infused Diadems having too big a crystal, or too many floating ones (3 should be the maximum number of floating crystals otherwise they need to be floating bits of metal).
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1 MP CROWNS  [✦✧✧✧]

1 MP Classic crowns are considered the original, truest versions of each crown type. These represent the oldest forms of elnin crowns.


This crown has an appearance similar to a traditional crown or tiara. There shouldn't be any attachments to the crown that look like specific things (wings, flowers, etc). The metal should be silver or any of the "yellow range" metals such as gold/bronze/copper and the like. They can have either a single smallish sized attached accent stone or up to three tiny sized attached accent stones. None of the stones should have a specific shape (no hearts or stars) and should be the same color as the elnin's anima.

Classic Diadem Crown Examples

317_8QcRI5c1aj.png 480_lLIX5ZCQMh.png 1899_ggrNdMV0tM.png

Incorrect Classic Diadem Crown Examples


Note: There are some legacy Classic Diadem crowns that have shaped accent stones but will not be allowed going forward.

Classic Fractal

Fractal crowns are one of the most common types of crowns found among elnins. By nature, this type of crown is deeply attuned to elemental magic.

Classic Fractal Crown Examples

81_v8i0uMzID2.png 105_irLLoZJOUe.png 1898_9gEWugzltp.png

Classic Fractal Guide

Classic Sigil

Sigil crowns are symbols that usually represent an idea or emotion (exact interpretation can most often only made by the elnin itself (the elnin's owner is welcome to interpret the meaning of a sigil crown however they would like). The imagery should always be very vague and the lines of a sigil crown should never look exactly like a drawing of some specific thing. Sigil crowns can be any singular color or a gradient effect of up to two colors as long as one of the two colors matches the elnin's anima. The crown should not emit any sort of light. The crown itself is made of two types of runes: 

  • Core Runes:
    • Each core rune is a single "stroke" or symbol, usually intersecting another rune, but they can also stand alone. Core runes can curve, but any distinct angles or direction shifts are limited to twice per rune. Any more than that will constitute the start of a new rune. You can have up to [4] core runes on the classic version of sigil crowns.
  • Inflection Runes:
    • Inflection runes are (optional) small dots or short dashes that can accompany a sigil. In elnin lore, these periphery runes act as accent or emphasis marks and are supposed to help with reading a rune's full meaning (but for art purposes they're mainly just for design flourish). You can have up to [5] inflection runes on the classic version of sigil crowns.

Classic Sigil Crown Examples

323_z01dGfIxuh.png 347_4fCaVtAar3.png 468_plnPXnU9tU.png

Correct Classic Sigil Crown Examples


Crown #1 Crown #2 Crown #3 Crown #4
3 Core Runes 2 Core Runes 3 Core Runes 3 Core Runes
1 Inflection Rune 4 Inflection Runes 2 Inflection Runes 3 Inflection Runes

Incorrect Classic Sigil Crown Examples

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3 MP CROWNS [✦✦✦✧]

Classic crowns can be infused with mana, creating advanced versions that are larger and more complex.

Infused Diadem 

Infused Diadems share many of the features of their Classic counterparts with a few notable upgrades. Infused Diadem crowns can:

  • Have any color metal (should still be metallic textured).
  • Be larger and more abstractly shaped.
  • Can have a maximum of 3 small floating accent gems in addition to any attached gems. Gems can be any color, but should not be "shaped" or be very large/prominent (otherwise it becomes a hybrid).
  • Gems can be smooth with a cleaner cut or polish, or rough in appearance. The majority of diadem gems are smooth and more refined, but smaller rough gems are not unheard of.
  • Gems may glow.

If an infused diadem crown is reading too close to a hybrid fractal diadem crown, edits may be requested. We may ask floating gem sizes be adjusted, or that gems appear more polished and/or integrated with the metal diadem parts of the crown, or request other changes if needed. This is to be sure standard crowns keep their distance from hybrid crowns, we do not aim to arbitrarily request edits if they are not needed. Crowns are assessed on a case-by-case basis. We understand there's not intent to make a crown look hybrid for infused diadems, but due to the similarities between gems and fractals this is an area on infused diadems we have to review a bit more closely!

Infused Diadem Crown Examples

2053_FLaSAjf7hB.png 1009_70CuoDaqpx.png 843_6hyYzPH37p.png

Infused Diadem Crown Samples

Infused Fractal

Classic crowns can be infused with mana, creating advanced versions that are larger and more complex.

Infused Fractal Crown Examples

485_T3QiKIYRtw.png 641_LP9fZFScq4.png 1945_HEZ82vumnQ.png

Infused Fractal Crown Guide

Infused Sigil

Infused Sigils share many of the features of their Classic counterparts with a few notable upgrades. Infused Sigil crowns can:

  • Have any number of core or inflection runes.
  • Be much larger in size.
  • Be any color or combination of colors (solid or gradient is fine).
  • Emit light.

Infused Sigil Crown Examples

114_V7wRrp9T5b.png 630_rplVzF7pTa.png 646_Jv0pWAt4Vz.png

Trinket crowns are small and simple items or shapes. You can have up to three of the same item if they are identical in appearance (you may vary their size a bit though).

  • Trinkets should be simple shapes like a cartoonish, simple skull (not a lot of indents), or other simple shapes like stars, hearts, etc. If they have multiple materials then they are Treasure crowns.
  • Avoid engravings as they often add more intricacy/detail to a design that might push it into Treasure rather than Trinket.).
  • Should have few colours/details and be generally simple.
  • To avoid being mistaken for Fauna or Flora crowns, Trinkets should be inanimate/not living. Shells are fine.
  • Cannot resemble weapons.

Trinket Crown Examples

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4 MP CROWNS [✦✦✦✦]

These crowns should not be larger than an elnin's entire head.


Resembles a small cloud or wisp of smoke. Can be any color or combination of colors. Cloudlet crowns can have some particle effects, but should not have any additional features such as "eyespots" or solid items like moons/stars/suns/etc in them. Swirl designs are fine, but any pattering else you wouldn't normally associate with a little puff of smoke should be avoided. 

Cloudlet Crown Examples

79_Wfq7C7Blet.png 1630_sFFRTrGBoF.png 1669_KvbIarE8DP.png
Faerie orb

These crowns resemble a small, nonsentient glowing orb with faerie wings. This type of crown has a bit higher range of movement and is able to float or rest pretty much anywhere around their elnin's body. Faerie orbs give off a glimmering sort of light and may also display subtle particle trails. 

Faerie Orb Crown Examples

139_CyU527j6OX.png 288_GFiDeIForF.png 696_a628K2iqVE.png

These crowns resemble a diminutive, nonsentient living creature. They can be things like fish, bugs, birds, frogs, etc. Any small, relatively simple animal would be acceptable. A small fantasy tweak can be added to the creature, but overall it should be a recognizable real-world animal. If you are submitting a fantasy-esque creature design please be aware that, if approved, it would be accepted into the canon of Eyre and considered a part of the World of Eyre. Any fauna crown creature design would be able to be drawn by other community members in prompts and activities.

Rule of Palm: The creature in a fauna crown should be able to fit in the palm of your hand in its real-world equivalent. So something like a deer would obviously not fit in the palm of your hand, even if it's drawn to be miniature it would still not be allowed.

This type of crown has some mobility, but can only occupy the space around an Elnin's head (resting on an ear, floating in different positions, etc). It cannot sit on the shoulder or back and must stay around the head. (Unfortunately, this does not currently apply to masterlist art and is more of a lore tidbit! Please keep fauna crowns on the masterlist floating above the elnin's head.) Fauna crowns should not have more than one animal.

Fauna Crown Examples

73_76ufbWJuw6.png 136_a03xB6KxJV.png 360_OiAIieXo2O.png

These crowns resemble a diminutive living plant or flower. This type of crown is not exactly mobile, but it can bloom if based on flowers, wilt or shift colors if it has leaves (green to golden, etc... following natural seasonal shadings). Flora crowns are actual plants and can lose petals or provide pollen just like any other type of plant. A fruit crown could, theoretically, be eaten, but it would be exceptionally disturbing for most elnins (not quite cannibalism levels of weirdness, but it would be like if someone wanted to eat your hair or fingernail clippings).  Flora crowns can have one primary flower with one or two smaller attached blooms. They cannot be floating separate from each other and must be of an identical type/color (though varied stages of blooming are fine).

Flora Crown Examples

237_Mb9nwrNk7P.png 296_Y7Nw8iRX6W.png827_Rbxy8jqHw3.png

Spellforms are similar to Sigil crowns except that they are more structured, and are bound within some type of design border (most often circular, but can have angular boundaries as well). Spellforms can have multiple sections as long as they are all connected, and can contain symbols in both vertical and horizontal alignments. They can also contain lines that create specific imagery (stars, moons, etc).

Spellform Crown Examples

311_1Mn5tAAYaI.png 1376_npPjbBqwqr.png 1670_oSqd7dMZ0I.png

Treasure crowns are the upgraded version of Trinket crowns.  Treasure crowns resemble:

  • Complex items.
  • Items that are large in size.
  • Any mix of different items.
  • An item accompanied by very minimal jewelry embellishments.
  • Adornments that are simply attached decoration or scrollwork are ok.

Treasure crowns may not resemble weapons without knight or champion training.

Treasure Crown Examples

1090_upF1vyTwYS.png 2131_cjAogJi6sv.png1794_456iSeXyWF.png

❌ Previously this crown type allowed for Diadem traits but in order to prevent any future confusion regarding Hybrids, any addition of an actual crown or tiara shape will now constitute as a "Diadem Hybrid" crown. Examples of what would now be considered Diadem Hybrids: Chroma Cross 01, ELN183, ELN541


These crowns resemble a colorful wisp of flame. They can be any color or combination of colors. Witchlight crowns can have some particle/glow effects, but should not have any additional features such as "eyespots" (previously allowed). Swirl designs are fine, but any pattering you wouldn't normally associate with a little ball of fire should be avoided. 

Elnins can use Witchlight crowns to ignite items stuck into them at will and the resulting flame will burn the color of the crown for quite some time before eventually returning to the orange hues of an ordinary fire. This means that an elnin with a witchlight crown is often a welcome member of any expeditionary party, since they can light a campfire with very little fuss.

Witchlight Crown Examples

155_zJLZ3GBceC.png 355_8qSXAeFLjL.png 722_aLWlhE7R8t.png

"Eyespots" are a legacy feature and are no longer allowed on normal Witchlight crowns. Examples: ELN141, ELN625

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Hybrid crowns are two specific crown types mashed together. The final MP of the crown is [1] + the MP of the highest of the two crown types being used. 5 MP Hybrid crowns are rare and elnin will sometimes give them a title. You are free to do this for personal enjoyment and character building, and list it in your elnin's profile! The size of Hybrid crowns should not be larger than an elnin's entire head. 5 MP hybrid crowns may also include the ears when considering the head size.

5MP hybrid crowns may include 2 or more crown types, but lower MP hybrid crowns are restricted to only 2 crown types.

At this time, hybrid crowns cannot be earned through EC/SC.


  • A 1 MP Classic Diadem combined with a 1MP Classic Fractal would be a 2 MP "Fractal Diadem" (1 MP for the highest MP crown plus 1 MP for the hybridization).
  • A 4 MP Witchlight combined with a 4 MP Treasure would be a 5 MP "Witchlight Treasure" (4 MP for the highest MP crown plus 1 MP for the hybridization).
    • (ELN635 - named "An Unsealing")
  • A 1 MP Classic Fractal combined with a 4 MP Flora would be a 5 MP "Fractal Flora" (4 MP for the highest MP crown plus 1 MP for the hybridization).

NOTE: Please do not add any sparkle effects to a hybrid crown unless they are a fairy orb hybrid or the Elnin has a mutation that would add those effects.

Hybrid Crown Examples

169_fsFGXmsGY4.png 356_uxeyGvjRho.png359_w9rUYAlC9P.png
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  • Not yet released.
  • Not yet released.

Notes: Exclusive crowns are available only from manaberry. They are not hereditary outside of breedings done by manaberry, and cannot be purchased through EC or other public/open methods.